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For I Am With YouA virus over a billion years old. A team of weary virus hunters. An unthinkable enemy. The end of mankind.

     When Jenna, a Ph.D. in virology working for the Centers for Disease Control, stumbles upon a new virus concealed within an outbreak of Ebola, she discovers something far more terrifying: unimaginable, living, and experimenting with the human race, a sentient virus with a distinct plan. It surfaces, directing its team of children to control the very essence of mankind, the soul. The reason; to live beyond us.

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Re EmergenceIn Egypt 1142 B.C. the powerful Pharaoh reigned four years as a living ‘God’ before succumbing to a terrible disease. The God-killer virus took down Ramses V with a gruesome attack, spreading and threatening to end all humanity.

Ramses ’ sarcophagus was recently opened, revealing its terrible secret and unleashing the monster hidden within its dark corners. The virus, sleeping for 900 years is awake and so lethal it once again threatens to end civilization. With the future of humanity under attack, Jenna, a virology PhD with the Centers for Disease Control, is called to fight the devastating worldwide viral outbreak. A way must be found to contain it, and fast. Will her search reveal a link to the unending fight to save her son from the first viral outbreak, as well? Jenna is forced to enter the battle once again and win! 

Non Fiction –  Color Me Successful Series

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Book 1 Color TheoryColor Me 2- High ResolutionColor affects our lives in many ways and is a powerful tool for communication. It can drive immediate, automatic reactions, or learned control from cultural differences and experiences. Get on board the knowledge train, this is the most important decision you will make for your small business. Pick the right COLOR for your business brand, marketing, and website.

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Colour Me 3- High ResolutionColour Me 4- High ResolutionColor can drive business to you or drive it away. Make the choice for your small business. Choose the right colors for your brand, marketing and website. Understand how to sell your product or service. Learn how to be successful.




Fiction – Short Stories

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short stories about DeathDeath is unknown, releasing or fulfilling, just to name a few meanings. We cannot escape its touch. All must face death in its various forms; murder, mystery, life, living beyond illness, and to die. Find a dead body, refuse the grim reaper, or follow the wolf to beyond, all circle the one unknown answer to our future, death. Come with me on my strange and enlightening journey and open your mind; you are just about to enter the beyond, excitement awaits.



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