About Us

Judy HaarJudy Haar has been a mentor for hundreds of businesses through SCORE.org, For The Life Of Your Business. She has advised owners on website design, self-publishing, marketing, branding, business plans, and social media, to name a few. She is a marketing expert and was a senior executive in a firm that provided branding, merchandising and design/build. Judy has continued her expertise through university courses and real life examples in the area of website design, social media and advertising. Through the use of color in all forms of advertising she has become an expert in driving successful reaction to the brand and marketing message for small businesses.

Judy asks herself each day how she started writing medical thrillers about viruses. This goes back to her degree, M.S. Chemistry, Nuclear. Through her career, Judy worked on nuclear power plants, production of medical isotopes, and viruses. She goes back to her roots and loves weaving a terrifying  potential reality around a heroine and a virus, which begs you to ask the question, can you survive?

She is now in the middle of the second medical thriller. Follow the main character, Jenna, and her son, on a terrifying journey to save the earth, once again.