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How do I title my Book?


Now, there is the most important question you will ask. It can be all in a name whether your book sells or not. I think the following should be considerations when choosing a book title.

  1. Use a keyword in the title – If your book is about dolphins then this word, if at all possible, should be in the title.
  2. Use Power words – power words convince people to read. How many times have you looked at the title of the book and decided to buy it or not. A title can be boring actually driving people away. Look at these two titles: Gutsy and Brilliant drove her decisions vs Anne was thoughtful but intelligent. Which do you like?
  3. Keep a title short. No more than six to seven words.
  4. How-to or a question for nonfiction can drive business.
  5. Look at the competition and determine what you like in titles.

Remember, a title can drive someone,  to buy your book.

Ready Set Go

boxes pointing to box in the middle smallThe three websites are ready. I have spent a few hours updating Facebook. I have also spent time on Kindle Select and how I want to start advertising my book, free give away or countdown deal. Then I need to go to all the facebook and linkedin groups on books and start loading Book 2 Color Me Successful. Book 1 I will advertise later.  I will do this tomorrow. Worked hard today to get everything right. Amazon has a new advertising platform that I am anxious to use to see how it goes. I’ll let you know the analytics as soon as I start. Have you used the countdown deal? Did you like it?

The Beginning of September and Where Am I?

blog In order to market my Color Me Successful Series, I must have an update for my three websites. I am finishing up today. Interesting how much time it took. Each site has a specific purpose. One is for the fiction books, One is for the non-fiction books, and one is a publishing site, this one. The next step in the process is to work on facebook and get all the pages there. In the interim, I scan many articles that may have interest to you. Here is an excellent one, 25-tools-for-social-media-marketers . We all have to market, here are some tools from Social Media Examiner to help.

Now it is July- the Process of Advertising a Book

smallebooksignfdpAdvertising an eBook or for that matter any book is a progression of steps. Yes, we must write the book, then we must do all the background stuff, and then finally write a good marketing plan to engage selling the book. Books are different then services or products. Services and products you can sell more than one to one customer. A book, one per customer, your marketing needs to get to more people but they still need to be targeted. Then where do you send these people, I assume to a landing page or website specific to your book or books. I call that, the website and mail service, the background stuff. You need this first. So there you have it, I have started my marketing plan but put that on a short hold why I build my websites. There are 3 of them; the first one features my medical thrillers, the second one features my non-fiction and my third one, this one, features both. Tell me what you do when you start out with the background stuff. I also need to build a business page for all on Facebook as well as Twitter. So we are off to market this book, still in the process.

Marketing my eBook Step 1

Book 1 Color TheoryI have just started marketing this eBook and I plan to keep you in the loop so you can see what works and what doesn’t. The first stop was to get my website set up to sell from. I loaded banners on my website, each with a click through to Amazon which is where my books are hosted. I developed a landing page. I sent my Facebook Call to Action to this landing page geared towards selling these books. I put google analytics on the website to see when and if I do ads, how many arrive at my website.

I then went to Facebook, created my author page with a  banner of my books. I linked my call to action button to my landing page on my website. I wrote a post, and them boosted my post just to see how this works. Start out small, like $5. You can always add when you get a great post format.

Oh, forgot to mention, I signed up for KDP Select, you know, five days for free. I found this to be incredible  with my other book but it was fiction. Don’t know how well this works on non fiction. I plan to use this in mid June. In the interim, my next big task is to update my twitter account and advertise there as well as have a video created for these books, through Fiverr.


My First Post about Publishing

writing a bookLet me know what subjects you are interested in and what makes you want to come back. I plan to post every week. I will be adding new info on marketing eBooks, how to use POD, what about covers for your books, groups, and blogs. Let’s start this out by posting an article on self-publishing companies, the article, lists several which will do everything from printing to marketing for a fee. Also, you can look at the data bank called predators and editors for information on all sorts of information about the publishing industry.

There are other print on demand services that are free to create your book, and charge a fee for each book you sell. These companies are: Create Space, Amazon, Lulu, and Smashwords, to name a few. What do you think? Keep in touch.